Thursday, March 21, 2013


On the 28th of March Wainuioru School is doing a Easter bonnet competition to give kids a chance to be creative by decorating a hat with the Easter theme. You also HAVE to design a hat to enter in the Easter hunt of chocolate eggs which will be placed around the school.We are doing it for a fun afternoon before Easter.

Rippa Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday 20 March 2013, some of the year 5 and 6 students went to the Memorial park in Masterton to play in a Rippa Rugby Tournament. The schools that were involved were Wainuioru,  Gladstone, Whareama, St Matt's and St Pat's and they each had a country that they were representing. Wainuioru was representing Tonga. Some of the other countries were England, Samoa, Japan, Australia and some others who we didn't face.
Our team consisted of Vania, Nate, Lachie, Pip, Olivia, Josh, Joe, Thomas, William and Flynn.
We played 4 games lost 3 of them and won 1.
Apparently they had a good day and Vania won a rugby ball for being the best player in the team and the team won a trophy.
They did very well.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Last Thursday we did a school Duathlon the events were running and swimming. Each race went up in our years, so the year ones went first, year eights went last, the amount of laps and lengths each group did was the number year you were so year six's did six of each everyone tried really hard but everyone kept stopping because it was so hot, it would feel so good once your dived into the pool. After we were allowed to have two pieces of fruit, for something to munch on.
By Connor Davidson yr6      

rippa rugby tournament

On Wednesday the 20th of March,  6 year 5's and 4 year 6's will be competing in the Wairarapa Rippa Rugby Tournament, and will be representing Tonga. We will be given Tongan Shirts and face paint on the day with Josh as the captain. We have been practicing 3 times a week. Guy Williams is our coach and we will be playing at Marist in Masterton. We are ready for the tournament on Wednesday.
By Josh and Vania Yr6!!!
Swimming Sports Regionals
On Monday the 10th of March 2013, 5 students from our school had Swimming Sports Regionals.  First was the 8 year old boys freestyle and Tommy came 5th. Next was Louis with his backstroke. Then it was Olivia's Backstroke and she did very well coming 2nd. Next it was Lachie participating in Backstroke and Breaststroke. Lachie came 2nd in Breaststroke. Next it was Isaac in breaststroke and he came 3rd. We are all very proud of the students who participated. Well done Everybody!


As part of our school wide look at our environment, we have identified that we have a bit of a problem with getting rid of our rubbish. Because it is so dry here in the Wairarapa,our school cannot use the incinerator to get rid of our rubbish.and it has been building up.
Our class decided to try to solve this problem.
As a school, we now have to take all of our lunchbox rubbish home and we are even trying to reduce the amount of rubbish that we bring in the first place.
Other rubbish gets taken to the recycling station by the teachers and we are now collecting our paper rubbish in each class and that will be taken to be recycled too.
Food rubbish gets composted and we will use the compost in our vegetable garden. The only food rubbish comes from the staffroom! The children take theirs all home.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gardening March 2013

We have two existing vegetable gardens and Guy Williams has just built two more with the help of four children in Ngaumu. Our vegetable gardens have not been well looked after in the past but we plan to grow a selection of vegetables to use for our sausage sizzle on Fridays and maybe sell some if we get too many.

We have also been given four new fruit trees to add to our orchard. The trees are a plum tree, a nashi pear tree, a pear tree and an apple tree. We have set an area aside for a pumpkin patch and we plan to use the pumpkins for soup in the winter.The tyres will be used to grow potatoes. It is too dry to do any planting just now but we are preparing the gardens.
By Connor Davidson   yr 6

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Swimming Sports
On Wednesday 27 February 2013 Wainuioru, Tinui, Whareama and Mauriceville had swimming sports.  There Were 71 events and the first one was the 100m freestyle open.
After the swimming the 4 schools went over to the park for a picnic.  We played four games.  One of them was where you had to throw 4 objects as far as you can and the fielders weren't allowed to move until you threw all of the objects.  Then you had to run around a cone and a hoop as many times as you can while the fielders had to put the objects back in the hoop.  We all did very well with 11 people from our school going to the inter-schools.
By Isaac Noble


On the  8th of February, 2013 we had our school picnic at the Greytown Park as usual.
First we were broken up into our teams then went over to our first activity. The games were Chinese Walls, Rob the Nest and Non Stop Cricket.  Each team got to play 3 games. It was so much fun because we nearly won all of our games and it was quite competitive.When all groups had finished,  we went over for the races.

The races were sack race, egg and spoon and  3 legged race. I participated in all three races and my favourite one was the potato and spoon because I won that one. Some kids cheated by poking their spoons into their potatoes!

Finally we got to go for a swim in the Greytown Pool. The pool was really cool because it was so deep. The life guard let us do bombs and it was a really hot day so it was nice to cool off. We swam for a couple of hours and Nate and Lachie were one of the last to leave.

I love the school picnic and I can't wait for next year.
By Vania, Nate and Lachie


The Golden Shears

This morning Ngaumu class were invited to go and watch the Golden Shears for an hour at the Masterton War Memorial Stadium.
We were put into three groups and one group at a time were taken to the back of the stadium to see some wool pressing.
In the stadium, the shearers had to shear 5 sheep as fast as they could. Whoever had the lowest score was the winner. Next there were races for people doing hand wool pressing. They had to fill one wooden box and one steel box up with wool and press the wool down as hard as they possibly could. Then they put one box on top of the other and pulled a handle to squash the wool even further. Then they closed up the fadge, weighed it and the fadge closest to the weight was the winner. They also had to do it as fast as possible.
It was our first time at the golden shears and we really enjoyed it. We would like to go again next year. Hopefully the people organising it will invite us again.

By Connor Davidson Yr6 and Josh Norman Yr6

Junior Cricket

For the last couple of weeks, the year 6 students have been teaching the Ngahape class some cricket skills while the year 7 and 8 students are at technology.
Sam Curtis, Daniel and Darren have been coming out on Thursdays to teach the rest of the school cricket and it is the year 6's job to teach the 5 year olds.
There are 6 year 6 students so we have 3 Ngahape students each. Last week we taught them catching and throwing skills and this week we taught them how to bowl and how to hold the bat. We also played a small game of non-stop cricket.
We are enjoying our role as mentors and we enjoy watching the Ngahape students learning new skills and having fun,

We hope to continue teaching them for the next couple of weeks.

By Connor Davidson yr6.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Class of 2013

Welcome to Ngaumu - class of 2013. We have a great class this year with 21 students from year 6 to year 8. We have already had a number of exciting things happen in our school. We had our school picnic in Greytown in week one. It was a beautiful day and everyone had fun playing games, having a picnic lunch and a great swim at the Greytown pool.
We have tennis coaching once a week, cricket coaching, soccer skills and chess coaching. We are looking forward to  swimming sports and our school duathlon later on in the term.
Keep looking on our page at our new posts.

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