Tuesday, July 12, 2011

leadership camp 2011

In April I was picked to go on a leader ship camp in the Wairarapa. I went for two days. There were 2 year 8 students from about 10 schools that went. While I was there we went to a place in Greytown called Shoc chocolate. They make some of the best chocolate in New Zealand. In the shop I saw a chocolate bunny for $280 and it was huge. Also they were giving out free samples for every one which was my favourite part. The same day we went abseiling. Abseiling is a sport where you climb down the side of a cliff with a harness attached to you.When I was half way down my rope got really tight and I couldn't go down. But in the end I got down. It was fun. The last challenge we did was called a $10 challenge and we had to go though a supermarket and we were given $10 and we had to buy something that contains a carbohydrate, veges and a meat. Joe from Lakeveiw shcool and I made a curry and it was delicious. I am glad I went and I learnt alot from it

Monday, July 11, 2011


On the 6th of July the Art Splash group with a couple of others went to the St. Matthews production. It was called Olivia and it was held at the St. Matthews auditorium. It is similar to the movie, Oliver, except the main character is a girl. The characters were amazingly talented at playing their role, singing and dancing. The production went for around 1 hour. I can't wait to see another one of their awesome productions.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ngaumu wordle

a href="http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/3749444/Untitled" title="Wordle: Untitled">Wordle: Untitled