Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tent City

In term 1 we had a Tent City at the school. Everybody from the School set their tents up on the field. I slept in my dad's tent with Cameron, Callum and Thomas. After we had dinner we roasted marshmallows in a braisier that Mr Cameron brought. When its was dark and the Ngahape kids had gone to bed we played two games of spotlight before we got into our pjs and went to bed. In the morning we all went over to the hall and had breakfast. I had spaghetti on toast. It was a really fun night and I hope we do tent city again next year.

Chinese Paper cutting

We are lucky enough to have Lily, from China with us at Wainuioru School for the term. Lily is teaching us how to do Chinese paper cutting.Lily comes to each class once a week to teach us Chinese paper cutting. In our class we have learnt how to cut 'Double Happiness' and 'Double Good Luck' which are signs used when people in China are getting married.
We have also learnt how to cut patterns that link together like paper dolls. You have to fold a piece of paper a special way before you cut.
It was funny because on one of my paper cuttings, I was supposed to cut a paper boy but it turned out to be two penguins kissing!
I am looking forward to more paper cutting today with Lily.


Since the start of the year we have been learning languages every Thursday. The languages we have been learning are Sign language, Mandarin and Te Reo Maori. We have learnt to sign the National Anthem, numbers from 1-10, the alphabet, how to finger spell our names and some simple words, instructions and greetings.
In the Poroporo room we have been learning Mandarin with Mrs. Stevens and Lily who is from China who is teaching us the language.In Fernyhurst Miss McLeod and Miss Clapperton have been telling us how to say objects in the classroom, greetings and clothing in Maori.So since the start of the year it has been really fun doing languages and since we've done languages I've learnt ALOT!!!

By Nicola:)

Explanation writing

During term one, our class was learning about explanation writing. Our learning outcomes were:
* How to format an explanation correctly
* How to make sure our writing follows a logical sequence
* how to begin our explanation with a statement or a question
* How to use time connectives
* How to use exact technical language to make our explanations interesting.
We were allowed to choose any topic we were interested in and we found some interesting questions from the internet.
Read the two examples below written by Callum Forbes and Cody Hefferen.

Why is blood red?

Have you ever wondered why your blood is red?

Your blood contains different things like Plasma. Plasma is the liquid part of your blood and it makes up half of your blood and it is yellow.

Plasma is thicker than water because it contains protein, anti-bodies to fight disease, fibrogen, which helps the blood clot, cafrbohydrates, fats and salts.

Your blood has red and white blood cells called corpuscles. The red corpuscles are encased in blood vessels that colour the blood. there are 35 trillion of these red corpuscles in your body and this is what makes your blood red.

Have you ever wondered why your stomach growls?

Borborymi is the doctor's name for when your stomach growls. Thay call it this because it is the Latin name for 'to rumble'.Borborygmi is caused when your stomach walls squeeze together in an attempt to mix and digest food and there isn't any to mix or digest.

When your stomach tries to mix the food it creates gasses. The gasses,mixed with the digestive juices is what makes your stomach make noise like a growl.

You won't satisfy your hunger by eating unhealthy food. You must give your body the right food with the proper nutrients and then the faster your metabolism is, the quicker you will get hungry. The slower your metabolism is, the slower you will get hungry.

If your stomach does growl, the best thing to do would be to stay calm because that will slow your metabolism down.The calmer you are, the more slowly your body will metabolise the protein it has stored and maybe you will live longer.

Take Action For Water

Our new topic for this term is 'Take Action For Water'. We have learnt so much about the different insects that live in our rivers and streams, the natural habitats, life cycles and the role of plants and algae in the catchment and more. Then we had to do a work sheet on how do the insects breathe in the water and out of the water,then we had to choose an animal out of the Mayfly, Long fin eel, banded koapou and the cased caddisfly. I chose the Mayfly we have to write an information report about the aquatic animal that we have chosen. On Monday the senior room is going to Mt Holdsworth and we are going to look at the streams and insects. we are going with Warren who is from the Greater Welington Regional council to Mt Howsworth because he is going to tell us all the imformation about the streams and insects.

Chinese Fitness

Every 2nd day our school does Chinese fitness.We have 8 different moves and we do our Chinese fitness for twenty minutes. We have been learning 1 step at a time since the beginning of the term and we now all know the 8 steps. We do Chinese fitness because we have a Chinese teacher at our school for the term called Lily. Lily teaches us Chinese fitness, Mandarin and paper cutting and in China all school children do Chinese fitness everyday. The first Chinese fitness rule is to be quiet but we are not that rule yet. The second rule is to stand still and be in a strait lines but we are still practising to do that. We are improving alot and we will soon be able to do it to music. WATCH US DOING CHINESE FITNESS.

Ngaumu wordle

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