Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Biography of Cam Percy

Cameron James Percy was born on 24th 1999. He was born in Masterton hospital in the morning. He has one brother called Aidan who is 14 years old, his mother is called Nicky and his father is called Darren. They are not married but Cameron says that it's ok because they are in love and that what matters most.

When Cameron was little he went in to the hospital for his first time because of an asthma attack when he was 3. Cameron's hobbies are rugby,motorbike riding and shooting,Cameron has played rugby for Gladstone since he was 5 and he is going to play his seventh season this year

When Cameron was about three years old he had a cat called Sammy but sadly Sammy died. Now Cameron has a dog called Simba and they have a family doy called Luther and three cats called Ziggy,Socks and Kitty.

If Cameron had powers it would be to fly so he can get around faster. Cameron's favourite day of the week is Saturday because rugby is on and his favourite colours are green and blue. Cameron's goals in life are to become a professional rugby player.

And that is Cameron's life so far.

A Biography of Callum Forbes

Callum Lachlan Forbes was born on the 14th of January 2001 in Wainuiomata at his house. He was born at home because his mum had no time to get to the hospital, he came so fast in fact he was born in the bathroom. Callum is the younger out of the 2 children. His mum is called Lisa his dad is called Scott and his sister is called Jessica.Jessica is 2 years older than Callum. Callum enjoys motobike riding and playing rugby. His favourite position is hooker because he has always played hooker. He always played for Gladstone and this year will be playing for under 11 team. Callum's first motobike had Spiderman webs on it. Callum has a pet black lab called Bell. Callum's dad wanted bell as a duck shooting dog but she turned out to be 3/4 lab and 1/4 pitbull which is no good for a duck dog. Bell arrived on Callum's 6th birthday so she is kind of his dog. When Callum was little, he used to eat Nutella and luncheon sandwiches. He doesn't like Nutella and luncheon sandwiches any more, now he likes luncheon and cheese sandwiches. Callum's favourite place to eat is Cobb and Co and his favourite food there is ribs. When Callum was 3 weeks old, he peed on the doctor when he was having an appointment. When Callum was 6 years old he travelled up north to Rotorua and he saw the mud pools. that was his favourite thing. The person Callum admires is Cory Jane because he is Callum's favourite rugby player. If Callum had any type of superpower it would be invisibility because when he plays rugby he could turn invisible and get past people. When Callum grows up he wants to be a professional rugby player and a farmer because he really likes both of them.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wainuioru School Ngaumu 2011!!!!

This year we have 20 students in our class, 11 girls and 9 boys. Mrs. Rattray is our teacher. We have had a great start to the year, we've had a tent city, school picnic, pumkin weighin, bad hair day/pajama day and lots more! In our class we've been looking at natural disasters and our school disaster schemes due to the recent Christchurch quake. Also we've been doing lots of writing; autobiographies, biographies and explanations, some of these will hopefully be popping up on the blog! :)

Ngaumu wordle

a href="http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/3749444/Untitled" title="Wordle: Untitled">Wordle: Untitled